Portfolio books made in genuine or eco-leather

The structure is designed to give a perfect balance between practical use, minimal artwork alteration (our internal pages are 100% trasnparent and do not contain pvc, that could chemically react with the internal displayed image) and elegant look.

Our items are entirely hand made by skilled artesans using the best materials available.

Leather notebook

The choice of genuine leather conveys the cover a long durability and a look that even enhances with the use.

Enhance the quality of your images in a portfolio designed and taylored on your needs. Scrwepost bindings covered by an elegant small internal flap, internal horizontal pocket and even the availability of a business cards' holder or special place for cd/dvd roms. The classic style is often paired with an embossing of the external cover: name or logo can be made on the surface with blind/hot embossing with or without color.
We also have a wide range of alternative materials to genuine leather, such as waxskin (generally also called "eco-leather"): an industry standard matte finish vinyl-based material, which simulates a leather look and touch. The pages are removable. Vinyl pages are comparatively more resistant to blurring, scratching or tearing and are sealed at the bottom, but they cannot be supplied in small quantities since the industial process of the production requires starting costs a small order cannot afford. They are not 100% trasnparent and smooth and they could have acid reaction with the inserted images.

Please have a look to the STILE section of this webiste: a new kind of portfoliobook is shown: "easybook" is a range of economy books supplied with acetate pages SEALED ALSO ON THE BOTTOM, with a very special price and innovative characteristics. Top quality at a lower price.


There are many add-ons and accessories our customers buy together with the portfoliobook.

A side flap with magnets hidden in the cover could be requested. Or a special name impression on the spine of the book itself. Extra hold capacity can be required too: a portfolio book is normally made with a 20/25 mm internal spine to hold around 30 pages. But there's therorically no limit to the number of pages you could need to store at a time.

The best selling accessory is the shoulder strap bag. It has been designed on the standard sizes of the portfolio books our customers buy.

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The fabric used is made of a strong nylon with a protective foam inside in order to keep the book safe from small shocks or humidity.

A front transparent pocket allows the bag to be used to send the book somwhere (the address can be slided inside), to report the name or logo of the owner (we can emboss on the top area of the pocket).

There's also a removable shoulder strap for confortable holding.
Do not hesitate to ask for special colors: we often make special productions for limited time with new materials and colors.
Other bags are available as well.


Shop online

The online shoping area allows you to place and order for standard products. We will require you some basic informations (like the size of the picture your page will have to dislpay) and no real order will be placed untill our operators will have checked all the details. The selling process is safe since no credid card detail is asked on our site. Once the order is finalized, you can decide whether to pay with bank money transfer or credit card. In this instance, the whole selling process will be dealt directly by our bank. Safe transactions are fundamental and we do care of them.